Privacy Policy

We strongly believe in privacy and only collect sufficient data from users in order to be able to provide the requested service and to maintain records of its commencement, use and expiry.

The information we collect.

1. If you do not register on this site we will not collect any personal data from you but

  • Information about your site preferences (such as your preferred results layout) may be stored on your computer or access device in a cookie
  • You can read more details on our cookie policy here.

2. If you register on this site we will collect:

  • A contact email for your account
  • A password to go with your account (stored in a securely encrypted form)

3. If you subscribe to a service offered by this site we will collect:

  • A confirmation from the third party payment services provider that payment for the service has been successfully made
  • The confirmation from the third party provider may contain further data about you such as name and address. These emails will be stored offline and no personal information from them will be added to the site database.
  • Details regarding the commencement, duration and termination of the service subscribed to will be recorded.

How we use the information

The information we collect will be used solely for:

  • The provision of a requested service.
  • Communication with you in respect of any service provided by this website, whether free or paid for.
  • Very occasionally, we may communication with you about special offers on services offered by this website.

How do we keep and safeguard your information

We use electronic safeguards such as encryption, passwords and physical security to keep your information safe. We also:
  • Make sure that only information required to provide our services is stored online.
  • All information not necessary to provide our online services is stored offline.
  • Card payments are encrypted by our secure payment service provider and no payment information (card details etc) are stored by us.

Who has access to your information

We do not share your information with anybody outside this organisation.

How long do we keep your information

  • We keep user account data (email etc) for up to three years after a user's last login or,
  • Until we receive a verified request to delete the user account.
  • Payment confirmations from our payment service are kept for 5 years.

Changes to our privacy policy

  • Minor changes to our policy will be shown and highlighted on this page.
  • Significant changes that effect the information we collect or how we use it, will be communicated to you by email.


Use of this site will be taken as consent to our Terms & Conditions, Cookie Policy and this Privacy Policy.