About Scottish Antique Finder

At its core, Scottish Antique Finder is a targeted internet search engine. We search the internet for antique adverts at dealers and auction houses in Scotland and then try to make those results available in an easy to search and view manner, to those with an amateur or professional interest in antiques. We also record and keep the publically available prices that antiques acheive at auctions in Scotland.


Scottish Antique Finder has been developed by a group of people with a passion for antiques but who have day jobs in technology, graphic design and political reporting. We love antiques and antique auctions (and dare I say it - the Antiques road Trip) and have pooled our various skills to produce this website.

We all spend a lot of time at auctions, browsing antique shops and doing online research to find that special thing we love, at a fair price. But in the absence of a single resource for this information in Scotland, we frequently found ourselves wasting a lot of time comparing prices and descriptions by clicking between twenty different pages in twenty different web browser tabs.

So we solved the problem by writing our own search engine to bring all the information together into one place - just for us. But then it was suggested that our database of antique adverts and prices would be useful to a lot of other people as well .... and here we are.

The Scottish Antique Finder Team